Point of View Images founder, Kashif Booker, is a self-taught photographer whose philosophy is simple: Be Different! 

Photography allows me to exhibit this concept everyday as we all see and think differently from one another.

I became aware of this passion for photography building inside of me many years ago. The ability to capture a moment, freeze it in time and share it with the world was intriguing to me. Being able to establish a connection from what my heart sees to how you feel is sort of a nonverbal relationship between my viewers and I.  The value and power within a photograph never dies and the urge to be apart of those natural scenes that can never be duplicated is fulfilling.

Our goal at Point of View Images is to not only snap your special moment in time but translate them into unique, one of a kind, photographs that provide a feeling.

We specialize in producing high-quality images with a non-conventional nostalgic style.

We have a professional team of Visionaries available to suit all of your photographic needs including, but not limited to: Portraits,  weddings, parties, corporate events, etc…